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An interview with: Dancing With Ghosts.

As part of our October Digital Magazine, our own Juliet Van Pyron reached out to Dancing with Ghosts for an interview. For the Spanish version you can download the magazine on this link: https://www.magzter.com/MX/Robotto-Media/Robotto-Has-Issues/Entertainment/

Dancing With Ghosts: A Dark party full of colors.

You walk at the night through your neighborhood, breathing the cold air while rummaging through your thoughts, suddenly you find a harmony, it’s the night itself inviting you to dance with the best it has, you let go and your own enchanted rhythm takes control, you are dancing with your own ghosts.

Dancing with Ghosts is an electronic band that merges Alt Rock, from Jacksonville Florida, created by Josh Cannon on 2014. You cannot resist to be moved by this mixture if dark elegance with touches of rebellion and fun.

ROBOTTO: How did you two meet for the first time?

Josh: We met at a local music festival that I was playing at. We didn’t actually start talking until about a year later. We started hanging out as friends and then during hurricane Irma she was at my house helping me pass the time. The power was out so I grabbed an acoustic guitar and started playing some of my songs. She jumped in immediately and already knew the harmonies so we’ve been working together ever since!

R: How did you decide to form the band?

Josh: I decided to form Dancing with Ghosts after being in several dysfunctional bands throughout my 20’s. I got tired of relying on other people who would always quit on me, leaving me without a drummer or singer, etc. Dancing with Ghosts was just me initially so there was no concern over someone quitting and leaving me high and dry. Stephanie Conner had also experienced the frustration of working with unreliable people in the previous bands she was in. Since we both share the same amount of passion for this band I know that I’ll never have to worry about someone leaving again.

R: Have you ever tried to collaborate with another musician? If not, with whom would you collaborate?

Stephanie: For me, outside of collaborating with other musicians in my band, no. That is what has made this project so challenging. Whereas in my past bands I was always the front person in charge of writing all the lyrics and having all input concerning vocals. In this project I have someone who genuinely cares and assists in that part of the songwriting process. I’ve never worked with anyone in that fashion before. The result of this collaborative process is working off of each other and refining what I have and making it better.

Josh: I have collaborated with many people over the years from would-be pop stars I met off craigslist to people who are in professional touring bands as we speak. Collaboration can be fun if the person you are collaborating with is bringing something to the table that you can’t do. For instance Stephanie has a more natural talent for singing than I do and she can obviously hit higher notes than I can so that opens up more areas of song exploration when I am not hindered by my own vocal limitations.

R: What are you musical influences?

Stephanie: My musical influences are Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, I am Ghost, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Shiny Toy Guns, Fallout Boy, Falling in Reverse, and Hanson

Josh: My musical influences would be Genesis, The Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Blink 182, Moby, Daft Punk, Peter Gabriel, Kraftwerk, and Pink Floyd

Dancing With Ghosts
Dancing With Ghosts

Part of the magnetic construct of DWG is their creative visual concept, each of them brings characters to the show that we can also see in their videos where Stephanie and Josh pop out as a ghost and a mischievous demon on “The Nightmare Inside You” or a witch trying to catch Josh in “The Witch”.

R: What visual concept do you use on your videos?

Josh: The visual concepts for the music videos really change dramatically from video to video. I kind of pride myself on the fact that I have been able to come up with completely different concepts for each video. Myself and Stephanie have a lot of fun coming up with our individual costumes and characters for each video. The idea usually comes from the lyrics. I think about what the lyrics mean and how that could translate into an interesting visual narrative that matches up with the song and lyrics.

R: What comes next for Dancing With Ghosts?

Josh: Right now we are really focusing on refining our live show and making it into something that will blow people away. We spent the first two thirds of the year writing a new album and putting out three music videos so now we’re ready to hit the road and play shows all over the United States.

R: What are your next venue presentations?


  • September 22nd we will be in Gainesville, Florida at the Hardback Cafe
  • October 3rd we’ll be at Planet Sarbez in St. Augustine,

  • October 27th we’re at the Roadhouse in Orange Park, Florida,

  • November 16th we’re at 1904 in Jacksonville, Florida

  • December 9th we’re at Shanty Town Pub in Jacksonville, Florida.


Josh and Stephanie sail the seas like pirates with the flag of “Do It Yourself” working on every aspect of the band and that proudly reflects. Josh also has a unique podcast with reviews and opinions on pop culture in his youtube channel.

You have to follow this band, to let yourself go and float in the night, sharing and dancing with ghosts.

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